List of commonly used AI keywords and phrases

List of commonly used AI keywords and phrases

October 6, 2023
Michael Pedrotti

AI has gone crazy in 2023 since OpenAI changed the game with ChatGPT. In that time millions of people have started writing blog posts, scripts, emails and more.

While this is great in some regards, there are some bad actors out there passing off AI content as human written.

Here is a keyword list of commonly used words and phrases to help you identify potential AI-authored pieces:

- Additionally
- As an AI language model
- As an AI writing assistant
- As of my last knowledge, in September 2021
- As well as
- Beacon
- Bombastic
- Boost
- Buckle up
- By the same token
- It can be a daunting task
- Comparatively
- Competitive digital world
- Conclusion
- Correspondingly
- Debunking
- Delve
- Demystified
- Demystifying
- Discover
- Dive
- Elevate
- Embark
- Embrace
- Enhance
- Equally important
- Ever-evolving
- Explore
- Furthermore
- Generated by AI
- Get ready
- Gone are the days
- Hitherto
- Identically
- In addition
- In conclusion
- In light of
- In the sea of
- In this digital landscape
- It is important/crucial/essential
- Let's begin this journey
- Key Takeaways
- Let's delve in
- Leverage
- Likewise
- Look no further
- Maximize
- Moreover
- Navigating
- Nested
- Nestled
- Not to mention
- Now let’s move on
- Overall
- Picture this
- Plethora
- Realm
- Remember that
- Secondly
- Shed light
- Similarly
- Solace
- Switching gears
- The ultimate guide
- This innovative solution
- To say nothing of
- Today’s digital world
- Together with
- Top-notch
- Treasure box
- Treasure trove
- Uniquely
- Unleash
- Unlock
- Various
- We've got you covered
- When it comes to
- Whilst
- Whimsical

Am I against AI content? No, I think it's great! But there are some people out there passing off AI content as human written that is super hard to detect.

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